CRYE Phase 1

CRYE Phase 1

PHASE 1 – June 2022

·        NetSuite

o   Financials (replace Sage)

§  Banking Automation

o   Order Management (replace Sage)

§  Customers

§  Vendors

o   Case Management (replace RingCentral)

o   Demand Planning and MRP

§  Safety Stock and Forecasted Sales

o   Master Data Source of Record (replace MISys)

§  Items

§  BOMs

o   Work Orders

§  Custom Flags – Cutting, Trim, Assembly, QC

§  Backflush

§  Labor BOM

o   Outside Manufacturing Automation

o   ODBC Connection – Peter’s Worksheet

·        SuiteCommerce –,

o   Credit Card Authorization

·        MFGx – 3/1 Kickoff (12 Weeks)

o   Mass Update Sales Orders/Work Orders/Purchase Orders

§  Custom Fields for Expected Ship Date/Work Completion Date/Expected Receipt Date

o   Pacejet Replacement

o   Documentation

§  Craig gave them a cost per document guidance, need NS guidance on what documents are needed

·        Avalara

PHASE 2 – Late Summer

·        NetSuite

o   SuitePeople/Payroll – replace ADP/Timeforce

o   Project Management (replace Liquid Planner)

·        NOVA Time (Clock In/Out for Day) – replace ADP/Timeforce

·        MFGX (did not discuss phase 2 in terms of moving forward)

o   Item Creation

o   Work Order Labor Tracking

o   Mass BOM Change (Marker Revisions)

§  Push into NetSuite

o   Quality Management (NCMR)

o   Record Production

§  Allocate Labor/Overhead into NetSuite

§  Update static ATP Lead Times for Assembly Items in NS

§  Scrap/Yield Tracking – Components

§  Manufacturing Cost Templates?




PHASE 3 – End of 2022

·        MFGx

o   Capable to Promise - Quoting

§  Material Availability

§  Production Availability

o   Dynamic Production Management – Outside Processing

o   WMS/Labels

o   PLM Integration - Planning BOM (Tech Pack)

§  Gerber

§  Acumark

§  SolidWorks

§  AutoCAD

§  Illustrator

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